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Biodegradable and biocompatible bioplastics made from organic waste

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Innovative biotechnology

The fine minds of VEnvirotech. Learn more about our team and the story that led us here.

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Industries we target

At VEnvirotech we work with two types of industries: organic waste producers and bioplastic consumers

Agri-food companies

Companies obtaining raw materials for food processors. Example: sugar, milk, feed etc.

Food processors companies

Companies processing food as raw material and transforming primary food elements intro final processed products. Industries producing beer, tomato sauces or snacks are an example of food processors.

Slaughterhouse and meat companies

Companies obtaining meat as primary material.

Bioplastic consumers

Companies that formulate and sale bioplastic compounds and blends.

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What sets our biotech services apart

Circular Economy

We use organic waste as raw material for bioplastic production both in bacterial production and reintroducing the organic waste in the bioplastic formulas.

Innovative biotechnology methods

We use biotechnology for selecting, optimizing and growing the most powerful bioplastic producing bacteria and for creating the products of the future.

We believe in providing quality

Regulating our bioplastic materials through its own control processes, enables us to be transparent with you, while leading our team with integrity at the same time.

Manage organic waste for you

EU alone, generates nearly 57 million tonnes of food waste annually. We transform that organic waste into biodegradable bioplastics. Saving you money, while truly benefiting the environment too.

Corporate environmental responsiblity

Our objective with our bioplastics is to protect the environment giving an alternative to current petrol-based plastics.

Customise your bioplastic

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We also upcycle organic waste

Discover how we make a difference; what can be done with your organic waste, and where you can apply it, with us!

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