About us

About us

A team of curious biotechnologists, engineers and chemists

“Our innovative approach to tacking waste pollution has enabled our team to grow, while gaining international acknowledgement at the same time”


How it all started

Our Ethos

We're at the intersection of three ecosystems: the economic, the social, and the environmental. The economical ecosystem is our challenge, the social ecosystem is for what we work but the environmental ecosystem is our motivating source. We’re conscious of the fact that it’s only possible to exist by understanding the bridge between meaning, connection, and consistency in all the ecosystems.

At VEnvirotech, we're looking for passionate individuals who can help us link these worlds in pursuit of making a true ecological and innovative impact..

Our Culture

We're an international bunch of constructive optimists, aspiring to provide relentless solutions to global waste. The company was founded under a diverse range of skills, experiences, backgrounds, and cultures, and we're proud to welcome these values as we grow.


Our core values


We understand that without a motivated workplace, we cannot achieve company goals.


We value the hidden gems that come with focused attitude of self-control. It is reflected in our motivations and creativity as a result.


We know that the only way to view and solve problems more openly, is through innovation and that’s where creativity comes in.


Meet the people who make this possible

A team of curious biotechnologists, engineers and chemists striving to convert global waste toa tangible value instead.


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It’s been a long journey to get to where we are now, but with the extensive experience already behind us, we are now ready to provide bioplastic services of genuine value to you.

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