How our bioplastics work


PHA are a type of high-quality biodegradable polyesters, produced by bacteria. At Venvirotech we feed the bacteria with organic waste and cause the PHA bioplastic to be produced in a way that modifies the environment in which they live.

Application methods of our bioplastic


Plastic materials produced from renewable biomass sources.


Branch of medical science that applies biological and physiological principles to clinical practise.

3D printing

Also known as additive manufacturing, is a process in which material is laid down layer by layer, to form a three-dimensional object.


Okay, so what are the pha benefits?

Fast biodegradation

We value the process of waste and sub-products in all that we formulate and produce.

Truly sustainable

There is no toxicity involved. This means that they don’t pollute the air, water, or soil.


We use only appropriate biological requirements of a biomaterial or biomaterials used in a medical device.

Suitable for blending with petroleum-derived plastics

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