Our Commitments


Which SDG’s we impact

Based on the Sustainable Development Goals which acts as the blueprint to achieve a better and more sustainable future for all, we assess our positive impact in further detail. The analysis below shows that together with our value chain we have a direct impact on 4 SDGs.
Through our value chain, we have an impact on 8 other SDGs. In total, we understand that our business impacts 12 SDGs.

Clean water and sanitation

Clean water secures a healthy life and environment avoiding diseases, pandemics, and environmental catastrophes such as eutrophication. Through our technology, we purify the water eliminating 90% of organic material compounds.

Decent work and economic growth

As a scientific company, we are committed to create decent work for scientists developing innovation in our company. Our company has multiplied by ten people during the five years, creating economic growth in the country.

Responsible production
and consumption

We integrate our system for bioplastic production using organic wastes of our customers as the raw material for our processes. Moreover, we prioritise up-cycling our final products and wastes, so that they can have another use, such as our final bacterial concentrate that is currently used as a fertiliser.

Industry, innovation
and infrastructure

We create modular industrial and certified infrastructures for producing bioplastics. Innovation is a stamp of our engineering team, developing the future installations for biodegradable bioplastic production.