Transforming your organic waste

Into biodegradable bioplastics instead

VEBox bacterial technology unlocked

Waste is treated wherever it is generated

Our VE-BOX bacterial technology eliminates the need for transport of organic waste, and allows the transformation of organic waste to turn into bioplastic in 24 hours. .

Saving you annual organic waste management costs

This is because biodegradable bioplastic production is highly valued in the organic waste market, our goal is to cut down your annual costs while positively effecting your environment too.

Creating a network of producers that work with our ve-box technology

This allows us to standardize the final bioplastic product and put it back on the market as a high value-added material.

PHA made from natural world

Our micro-organisms and bacteria help to synthesize PHA, offering you a bioplastic that has a wide range of application possibilities. Converting your organic waste into biodegradable bioplastic means that you will not only benefit from economic advantages, but also from environmental benefits.

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What is PHA?

It stands for polyhydroxyalkanoate, which represents a polyester that was made in the natural world (as opposed to synthetic polyester).

How it works

Our business model follows a circular economy approach, that is completely adapted to the needs of our customers.


With remote control and supervision, it functions automatically according to the scheduled work cycle.


Through a design adapted to our working method. It allows us to have a network of producers that work with the same technology.

Assembled and installed

There is no problem when it comes to installation or organizational matters. Our plant arrives in an already pre-installed container to facilitate the management in the plant.

What waste can I convert?

We are able to convert most organic waste, currently specialising in:

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The contribution towards our environment ?

Achieve a truly sustainable circular economy, with us

2022 Finalists of Energy Transition & Sustainability

South Summit is a leading business and innovation platform. We are proud to have been considered as finalists in the energy and sustainability sector.

Constantly working on ways to transform all types of waste

We are constantly coming up with ways on how to turn all types of waste into bioplastic value instead. One of our recent client collaboration involved turning milk waste into bioplastics.

Applying our sustainability goals into educational programs

We’ve created a re-occurring program called VE-TALENTO. Bringing education and the global waste problem into an innovative and interactive experience.

What about the cost?

At VEnvirotech we adapt to the needs of our customers and offer our technology as a service associated with your activity. We also design a business plan adapted to your needs and requirements to be able to work together.


Which SDG’s we impact?

We take sustainability into an account in everything we do, dive deeper to find out which SDG’s we stand by and why.

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