We take on a responsible approach to sustainability

Circular economy production

Our process for bioplastic production uses organic wastes, from agro-food companies, as raw material. we also create new bioplastics formulas adding organic wastes into other bioplastics compounds such as pla. we take advantage of the power of the circular economy for creating new economies and new bioplastic formulations that is sustainable for the environment.

Creation of impactful bioplastics

Biodegradation, bio-based and biocompatibility are the best impacts from our bioplastics. PHA is biodegradable in our environment in seven weeks, compatible with the human body and bio-based. Our other bioplastic formulations include organic wastes for promoting new applications and better performances, including better biodegradability.

Health & safety

Our mission as a company is to improve the quality of life on the planet through the preservation of the environment. Health and safety drives us to focus on powerful technology for a better future of the world.

Climate change

Organic wastes end up in landfills where with time produce methane, four times more powerful than the CO2, which contributes to increases of climate change. We redirect the organic wastes into our bioplastic production facility to generate bioplastics avoiding the catastrophic effects of climate change.

Social responsibility & human rights

We stand up for human rights and take on social responsibility in regards to our technology. Our working environment and our technology is integrated into the society in a healthy manner, and with real potential.

Sustainable innovation

Sustainable innovation is the way we work and feel. That’s the reason for every move we make, since the very start. We’re proud to develop innovative technologies that are 100% sustainable.

Which SDG’s we impact?

We take sustainability into an account in everything we do, dive deeper to find out which SDG’s we stand by and why.

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